Car tyres ensure the safety and quality of your ride, which makes them one of the most important parts of your vehicle. In the Middle East, bad weather conditions such as sandstorms, heavy rain, dense fog in winters and intense heat in summer can expose the vulnerability of poorly maintained or old tyres. In the summer season, roads absorb intolerable levels of heat, which makes old and poorly maintained tyres vulnerable to a puncture. A tyre blowout can even be deadly, which is why motorists must take safety precautions to avoid such a situation. This damage can intensify at a rapid rate and have a bad effect on the tyre tread. If tyres are not changed in time, it can lead to a sudden tyre blowout, which, on a busy road, can have dangerous consequences. You spot weather cracks and sidewall bulges As tyres either age or are exposed to extreme weather conditions, the rubber begins to lose elasticity and cracks appear on the surface. You should also be on the lookout for any noticeable cracks on the tyre sidewalls.

Tyre date codes explained

B eing a standard car buyer we often ignore the importance of changing the tyres periodically. It was because I failed to comprehend that the tyres were too old. So, how to skip situations such as this? Here, we want to pinpoint briefly about the importance of changing tyres and how to check tyre manufacturing date.

Tyre Safety: 5 Year Rule. Tyres are considered to be “new” and fit for retail up to 5 years from the date of production. This is an industry standard based on the.

Cheap Tyre Buying Guide. How much to change a tyre? Where can I buy tyres online? Where can I get tyre insurance? How much to get a tyre repaired? Best tyre inflators They may look fine at first glance but an old tyre could be subject to unseen ageing that makes it unsafe. Learn how to read your tyres with our handy guide.

Do tyres have a shelf life?

This quick guide will help you find the manufacture date of your tire and understand how Tires Easy handles tire age based on the DOT Code. Keeping a record of your tires and understanding their age will help you save money on repairs and take proper care of your vehicle. It tells you who manufactured the tire, where it was made, and other tracking information.

A responsible driver needs to know how to check tyre expiry date in Nigeria; the FRSC impounds cars with expired tyres. See where to find the.

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How To Determine The Date Of Manufacturing Of A Tyre

Oct 26, Tyre Safety. For the end user, knowing the age of a tyre is generally not high on the list of things-to-know. However tyre age can be important from a number of perspectives. Legislation requires that a tyre be marked on at least one sidewall with the date of manufacture of the product.

To help identify the age of your tyres, each one is imprinted with a coded date Low mileage, older cars tend to be most at risk from premature ageing – as.

A Facebook post claiming that you can tell the expiry date of a tyre by reading the four-digit number stamped on its sidewall is FALSE. According to the post, the numbers on a car tyre indicate the week and year of manufacture, and this can be used to calculate its age. The first two digits represent the week that the tyre was manufactured, while the last two digits represent the year of manufacture.

PesaCheck contacted Vinay Luthra, the general manager of Nairobi-based Aum Auto K Ltd which specializes in rebuilding automobiles, who confirmed that it is possible to tell the date of manufacture of a car tyre by looking at the four-digit number written on its sidewall. The four digits are standalone and do not have any additional letters. If it is stored properly, it can last several years without any damage. Aravindan adds that for normal usage, the use of tyres aged five or six years is okay.

But if the tyres are required for high-performance use like racing or testing, it is recommended one uses very recently manufactured ones. It is not definite. Tyres manufactured in recent years have benefited from advances in technology, new methods of manufacturing and materials which allow the tyre to last for up to 10 years depending on use. Storage is also a determining factor of the condition of a tyre before it is sold.

Those figures assume certain parameters. Will you still say the tyres are dangerous and need to be changed?

Tyre troubles- prompt RI consumer complaints on out of date tyres

Providing total tyre supply and service for commercial fleet operators of passenger, light truck, truck and bus fleets. When you’re weighing up the options of purchasing a franchise, one very important consideration is the power of the brand you’re buying into. Helps you to get the most from your investment.

If the tyre was manufactured before the year , things get a little more complex. For these tyres, age is indicated by the last three digits. Take for example the.

Home Blog Tyre. As per Most Manufacturer recommendation. Tyres has several layers of chemical compound. Infrequent use or poor storage condition of 6 months or more can accelerate the deterioration ageing process for Tyres to turn out usable before end of shelve life. Its always advisable to check and own Car Tyres – which are less than 3 month old – for Peace of Mind.

Considering Paramount Safety – its important to give due attention to Tyres and thus as first step – important to buy Latest Manufactured Tyres. While the first 2 Digits Indicates Week of the Year. Its Manufactured in 3rd Week of Thus its January 3rd Week Make Tyres.

Tyre Ageing

Tires are just about the most important part of your car. If they’re in bad shape, the car’s ability to accelerate, stop, and turn in all conditions is greatly compromised. Everybody knows to replace tires when the tread gets down to the wear bar, but what about when they get too old?

Similarly, if you are buying a used car, there’s a chance it may be riding on old tires. to replace tires six years after their production date, regardless of tread life. Some of the best advice on such an inspection comes from the British Tyre​.

A frequent question about tyre maintenance concerns service life. How long will your tyres last before they need replacing? The answer depends on various factors, such as your driving style, the tread design of the tyre, regional climate, road conditions and how frequently the car is in use. Another factor is you, the owner.

Use the following guidelines to assess the point of maximum service life for your tyres. Continental designs and makes its tyres to provide thousands of miles of excellent service. Achieve maximum benefit from your tyres by taking care to avoid damage from improper use that may shorten their lifespan. The conditions that you subject your tyres to during daily use — inflation pressure, load, speed, road hazard damage and so on — are key to determining service life.

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