What do the Homestuck characters think of you?

Make your own undertale au. The engine was built from the ground up with original code except for the textbox, which was modified. This species primarily serves as a replacement for the species formerly known as the Glie, or Dove’s Demons. To accomplish that task, he’s given powers that make him the absolute powerful creation in fiction. Click on the link to see my character and make one yourself. You don’t have to make a template for your character! Also you don’t have to roleplay if you don’t want to you can just watch if you want! Create your own Undertale text boxes with any character, expression and text! Do you want your AU in the generator? I want to feel sad for Jerry, but he just seems like he doesn’t get it so it bounces off and he keeps going at it.

Homestuck Character Quiz: Which One Are You?

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Homestuck dating quiz

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Solnep Gaming Chair, Homestuck, Anime, Relationships, Anime Shows, Anime Go crazy. kind of a roleplay quiz i guess? how would your date with dave go?

Happy 11th anniversary, Homestuck. It’s hate stonks month, the month we all rebember tha-t maybe there right We’ve finally implemented a policy on how we’re going to handle this massive influx of new dubiously canon content, with the policy available for reading over at MSPA Wiki:Canonicity. As this is a massive project we’ve only split up a few pages thus far, and many of them are stubs!

Please feel free to contribute to adding new content. Yep, we’ve finally entered the Head on over and say hi , it’s a great way to chat to other wiki users about topics both Serious Business and Ridiculous Folly! Just when you thought this year’s surprises were over, What Pumpkin and co. Yes, really. You heard us. Home-hecking-stuck 2. The new story continues directly on from the end of The Homestuck Epilogues and continues their tradition of fuzzy canonicity.

The work is “post- Canon “, and while we’re still not entirely sure what that means, it was outlined by Andrew Hussie, is being written and drawn by a team of previous collaborators, and being officially released by What Pumpkin. A week after the prologues, the entirety of the epilogues of dubious canonicity has been posted as you follow the consequences from a simple picnic food choice.

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Based in the universe of Hussie’s MS Paint Adventures webcomic Homestuck , it focuses on a girl who is accidentally transported to the planet of Alternia—home of the troll species seen in Homestuck. It is the first of two games, with a planned second, future installment titled Hauntswitch featuring a male troll who was swapped onto Earth in her place.

While development initially began with developers The Odd Gentlemen , it was eventually moved back in-house under What Pumpkin’s own newly formed game development studio. Act 1 was slated for release in mid; however, this release date was postponed until January It was further delayed in January to an unspecified date. This was the release date previously announced on August 29, , accompanied by a new trailer.

Supernatural Boyfriend Scenarios/Preferences → The characters that I will be writing #boyfriend tag: boyfriend nct tumblr boyfriend nct nct boyfriend quiz nct. Homestuck X Reader shorts~ There will be a LOT of swearing because it’s.

He suffers embarrassment when his allergies strike during a lesson. Ducky decided to see what was taking Littlefoot so long. Sick Sneeze Fanfiction. Martin had hoped that sleeping in the room that Jon typically uses for sleeping when he works late would result in Jon going home at a more reasonable hour every night, but when he wakes up thirsty at half past midnight and passes Jon’s coat still hanging on its peg, he has a sinking feeling that this isn’t the first night he’s had a sort of.

I released the sneeze to hear myself fly backwards and hear the beam zip cross me. There was much sneezing in the Possible home. They were walking back home and were happy how well it turned out. I’m sick and alone, and since I want someone to comfort me, I’m sending Xander to comfort Spike instead. But the way you cover up also matters, and there are plenty of.

Homestuck dating quiz

How to make a mspfa. The story follows Abby and Lucas–two ordinary people–[[YouWakeUpInARoom who find themselves]] in a facility known as Kidutus, [[LaserGuidedAmnesia not knowing how or why they’re here]], quickly realizing they’re not alone. I love this au, i wanna create something like this ; TZ Comment by Mildred.

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Okay i had decided to play to some quizzes and share the results with you guys!!! Okay i did the Which homestuck character would date you quiz Im like.

Easily save your favorite trails datihg you ve completed, or that you find fun, beautiful, or inspiring. Intimacy can also take many forms. Tinder Officially Announces Tinder U. It is the responsibility of the new owner of the typeface to contact Digital Graphic Labs to report the transfer of ownership, failure to do so will result in invalidation dqting this license. At one point, Courtney comes close to spilling Duncan s secret from the previous episode, but takes it back and assures Duncan s peers that he s homestuck dating quiz bit as nasty and mean as homestuck dating quiz wants others to believe.

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Underlust – Origins of a Quiz Host [pshattuckproductions] (NSFW 18+)

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